ENR California's Best Project Awards 2019

October 1, 2019

ENR California has announced the winners of their ENR California's Best Projects of 2019. Receiving over 100 entries from all over California and Hawaii, only 54 were chosen. “Projects of the Year exemplify the entries’ diversity and the breadth of skills, creativity and expertise required to produce structures that stretch design and construction skills and outshine existing norms,” ENR California writes.Rudolph and Sletten was honored with two winning projects:

Sea World, Electric Eel Roller Coaster

Southern California Project of the Year Award and Best Project Award in Sports/Entertainment (click to learn more)


Winning two awards, the Electric Eel really impressed ENR California, “the construction of SeaWorld’s Electric Eel roller coaster thrilled judges with the complex logistics of building a sky-high structure without the use of scaffolding.” Read more of what ENR wrote about The Electric Eel


Washington Hospital, Morris Hyman Critical Care Pavilion

Merit Award in Healthcare (click to learn more)

The use of base isolators with viscous dampers in the foundation did not go unnoticed on the Morris Hyman Critical Care Pavilion project. It is the only hospital in California equipped with this type of foundation to handle earthquakes from a nearby fault line. Read more of what ENR wrote about The Critical Care Pavilion.


Congratulations to the teams on all honored projects!