Clifford L. Allenby Building

California Department of General Services

Project Details


$236 Million

Department of General Services

Sacramento, CA

ZGF Architects / Lionakis

360,000 square feet


Project Description

The new building is part of the Department of General Service’s 10-year sequencing plan for the renovation or replacement of state facilities in the Sacramento area. The new 11-story, 360,000sf building will include office, assembly, building support, parking, and commercial food service space, as well as an attractive pedestrian plaza. The building has an expected capacity of 1,200 employees and will house staff from the Health and Human Services Agency, the Department of State Hospitals, and the Department of Developmental Services.

A spacious, light-filled lobby animates the first floor with an energetic marketplace and commercial zone that welcomes all building occupants, encourages interaction, and engages the surrounding urban fabric. The secured upper floors of the building provide numerous points of horizontal and vertical connection at every level, fostering circulation and interdepartmental collaboration amongst the operational units of the three departments that will inhabit the building. Each floor is designed with standardized—yet flexible—floor plans that consolidate critical office support functions, such as conference and break rooms and infrastructure within a centralized vein—or "mother lode"—of efficiency.

Building systems are designed to optimize energy and water use while at the same time reduce maintenance and operational costs and demonstrate stewardship of resources. The thoughtful arrangement of glass on each floor brings ample natural light deep into the open office environment to connect the three end-user departments with nature, promoting wellness and workplace satisfaction.

The project was constructed as Zero Net Energy and LEED Platinum. It uses 60 percent less water than a typical building. During the demolition of the existing building, the team diverted 30,000,000 pounds of concrete and steel for recycling. 



Registered LEED Platinum / Net Zero Energy