Healthcare Project Delivery Conference

February 12, 2019

Rudolph and Sletten was a proud sponsor of the Healthcare Project Delivery Conference last month. Jeff Russell, Vice President of Healthcare and Eric Lascurain, Senior Preconstruction Executive, presented in the round table and panel discussions this year. Using their extensive experience and knowledge in the healthcare industry they went over key project delivery topics important to the healthcare field.

In the first session, Jeff Russell's round table topic was Lessons From Five Collaborative Big Rooms. He discussed with attendees the key factors to building an integrated and collaborative project team. He walked thru five variations of project big rooms with co-located teams to find the common drivers that became the building blocks for the project’s success. Jeff also shared about working under different owner contracts and delivery models and how all five project teams were motivated to work together to build an integrated team that would work together in the same place.

Eric Lascurain's discussion topic was Healthcare Construction Costs and Market Factors. He presented what construction costs look like for outpatient and inpatient buildings in California as well as the market factors that will drive the costs this year. Eric spoke about the historical cost data ranges for outpatient and inpatient projects in California over the past 10 years, while providing a snapshot of current costs and trends and a brief update on current market forces driving pricing. 

Both Rudolph and Sletten executives participated in the last session. Their panel topic was Construction Cost Confidence with Quantity Based Project Delivery. While Eric was on the panel, Jeff moderated the discussion. They covered the importance of increasing the accuracy of early budgets, reducing contingencies and enhancing subcontractor pricing competition. The panel also walked thru a technical presentation of its experience working with Kaiser Permanente’s pioneering efforts to standardize its project delivery using quantity-based unit pricing for project budgeting, estimating, subcontract buy-out, billing and cost projecting.

Also attending the conference was Jimmy Fabry, Senior Project Executive. Jimmy is a long time healthcare builder with Rudolph and Sletten who has worked on projects such as the City of Hope, Helford Clinical Hospital and Kaiser, San Leandro Hospital Campus. He helped field questions at the R&S booth with fellow attendees, as well as attending the other informative sessions. 




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