Celebrating our Culture of Safety

September 14, 2020

Safety incentive, recognition and continuing education

Rudolph and Sletten launched its first safety challenge coin in 2017. Modeled after the WWII bona fide coins, our challenge coins are given in recognition of going above and beyond typical work tasks.
“It means a lot to employees and trade workers to be recognized for pointing out a safety issue or questioning a safety regulation,” says Bryan Fink, Sr. Safety Manager, “and ‘challenging’ someone is a great opportunity for peer-to-peer safety education.”

Since its inception, the unique incentive and recognition item has been crafted into project specific versions and our current 60th anniversary commemorative edition. The coins are carried or displayed as a daily reminder to work safe, speak up and always be learning. ---

Our Jobsites Are Safer Than Others

At Rudolph and Sletten, our commitment to safety isn’t just lip-service, and we have the accolades to prove it. Our success in achieving Cal/OSHA’s prestigious Cal/VPP Construction designation for our jobsites is tangible proof that our safety culture is highly effective in ensuring people go home safe.

Since 2013, we’ve achieved this designation for 6 jobsites across our regions, with 2 additional projects in review. We run the same exact safety program at all our jobsites regardless if a job seeks VPP designation.

Having Cal/VPP Construction-certified worksites differentiates our company. We’re one of just seven commercial general contractors participating in the program. Our goal is to achieve VPP status on three active projects at all times, which we are only one of three contractors in the State to achieve.

We cannot achieve the VPP Certification without the commitment from our Trade Partners. Through the VPP certification process, we fully engage our Trade Partners on the project and assist them in further developing their safety practices and policies as required for them to achieve the Golden Gate certification as part of our project’s VPP Certification.  We also use this opportunity to share ideas and learn from each other as an industry, not as separate companies.

Each new certification further strengthens our culture, advances our relationship with Cal/OSHA and promotes teamwork with all jobsite stakeholders.  


Over the past 60 years Rudolph and Sletten has been a leader in many facets of construction, the most important of which is our deeply-rooted culture of safety.

Construction Safety Week is here, and it's a great time to reflect on the importance that safety has on a company’s success.

Each and every one of our employees understands the important role they play in ensuring the safety of every stakeholder involved, including clients, employees, and the general public.

Because we all work together to maintain and enhance our commitment to safety, we maintain a Safety Leadership Team that includes representation from every region and group within the company. With guidance from this team, we’re able to continue the development and integration of best-in-class safety standards. 

The unparalleled commitment of our Safety Leadership Team is led by Corporate Safety Director Brian Miller, and supported by our regional safety managers, jobsite safety coordinators, and ultimately every employee in the company. Our robust safety department is now over 350 employees strong.

Every single person at Rudolph and Sletten is consistently and earnestly empowered to create the safest possible circumstances before any task moves forward. Coupled with the attention to detail and high quality craftsmanship for which we are known, we can continue to create a much safer work environment.

Here’s to deepening our commitment to safety for the next 60 years.

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