R&S Celebrates Earth Day

April 19, 2021

*Updated April 23th*

April is Sustainability Month!

Rudolph and Sletten is committed to making a difference. During the month of April, we will be providing information and personal insights to educate, encourage and promote the ongoing commitment to sustainability in our work and our lives.

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In celebration of Earth Day on April 22—and continuing the momentum from the past three years—Rudolph and Sletten’s Sustainability Development Committee is distributing one poster each day this week. 

As we evaluate the opportunities for action, the first four posters this year will feature updates on the state of technology associated with restoring our earth

  • This week’s posters will leave you inspired at the advances already being made and deployed to address the climate crisis, from capturing carbon directly out of the air to evaluating our options for clean energy generation and storage.
  • We will discuss the latest sustainably sourced building material (cross-laminated timber) and the challenges associated with addressing the impact from material mainstays such as cement and steel.
  • We’ll end the week by making a clear case for our industry to invest in greener buildings, with the latest data that market research has to offer.

Click the link(s) below to view each poster: 

Day 5 - State of the Tech: Green Building ROI

Day 4 - State of the Tech: Cross-Laminated Timber

Day 3 - State of the Tech: Steel & Cement Production

Day 2 - State of the Tech: Green Energy Generation & Storage

Day 1 - State of the Tech: Carbon Capture & Storage