R&S Celebrates 60 Years of Service: Let’s Build – better communities through acts of service

February 14, 2020

As responsible members of the communities in which we live and build, Rudolph and Sletten and our employees feel a deep commitment to give back and help others in our communities by volunteering. The gift of volunteering helps us create connections with fellow employees, clients, professional colleagues and members of our communities. One of many ways we support the volunteer efforts of our employees is through our annual Leo Jansing Fund. Each region selects local charities where an employee volunteers time, then employees make donations to the Leo Jansing Fund. Each donation is matched by R&S.



Robert Arreguin |Sr. Project Engineer | Roseville Region

2019 Leo Jansing Fund recipient: AUTISM SPEAKS 

“My son was diagnosed with autism at age three. We were devastated when we were told there was no cure. However, we learned to understand it and use alternative methods to help him cope with his emotions and improve his communication skills. My wife and I volunteer with Autism Speaks to promote autism awareness within the community and to help other families with a child who is newly diagnosed with autism. For example, my son is in an afterschool daycare program where he’s the only child with autism. When my wife and I learned that he was almost being isolated because the providers didn’t know how to deal with his struggles, we arranged with Autism Speaks to provide some training for the staff. We made a presentation to inform the daycare providers about autism. We also shared strategies they can use with my son and when they encounter other children with this condition. The daycare program informs us every day about how my son is doing. Since that training, it’s been nothing but good news all the time.”

Anmol Mathur |Sr. Project Engineer | San Carlos Region

2019 Leo Jansing Fund recipient: PRISONERS LITERATURE PROJECT

"The Prisoners Literature Project (PLP) is a Bay Area-based volunteer group that sends free books to prisoners throughout the U.S. The prisoners send handwritten letters requesting literature of a specific genre, author or subject matter. I help answer the letters, hand-pick books to fulfill their requests and package the books for shipping. Through the support of R&S’ Leo Jansing Fund, PLP received enough money to cover two months’ worth of postage costs for mailing several thousand books. As an avid reader, the PLP gives me an opportunity to encourage a love for storytelling in people who are marginalized in society and want to improve their lives. I believe that anyone who wants to better themselves should be given the support to do so. Through the PLP, I’m helping inmates help themselves as they prepare to become contributing members of society again upon release. I see community service as an opportunity for me to pay it forward. Whether we realize it or not, nobody gets ahead without some help.”

Teresa Allen | Executive Assistant | San Diego Region

2019 Leo Jansing Fund recipient: NATIONAL ALLIANCE ON MENTAL ILLNESS

“I have a good friend who is bipolar. She volunteers with the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) HelpLine, and her compassion for her fellow sufferers inspires me. NAMI helps people who are affected by mental illness to build better lives. Like most organizations, they have a hard time getting funding. I appreciate what my friend does for NAMI, and I felt that supporting them through R&S’ Leo Jansing Fund was a way I could help. I became aware of mental illness because of my friend and from seeing all the homeless people when our regional office was located in downtown San Diego. Many homeless people have a mental illness, and I developed a lot of compassion for them. One Christmas, I took about 20 pairs of socks with a Subway gift card and candy in them and handed them out to the homeless for a holiday gift. My parents were service-oriented and, as a kid, I always volunteered with them. Knowing that I’m making a little bit of difference in people’s lives is heartwarming to me. Every little bit adds up and helps people.”

Ivan Tapia | Sr. Mechanical Cost Engineer | San Carlos Region


“The Santa Clara Police Activities League (PAL) is part of a national nonprofit organization that engages kids in sports and helps them stay on a path to a positive future. PAL has played a big role in my life and helped shape the person I am. I was five years old and living in L.A. when I joined the local PAL tee ball league. Later on, I played in PAL football and basketball leagues. The skills I learned in PAL allowed me to become captain of my high school basketball team. Joining a regular sports league can get expensive. Donations to PAL help keep registration fees to a minimum and make it possible for kids of diverse backgrounds to join. I nominated the Santa Clara PAL for R&S’ Leo Jansing Fund because I see myself in the kids who will benefit. I want those kids to experience what I did. I want to help keep them off the streets and on the right path.”

Laura Mohoff | Sr. Field Office Coordinator | Roseville Region

 2019 Leo Jansing Fund recipient: THE PETAL CONNECTION

The Petal Connection is a volunteer organization that creates bouquets from donated fresh flowers and brings them to hospice patients in the community. I volunteer at a hospice company that utilizes the flowers. Sometimes, patients are so deep into their sickness that they may not be aware of the flowers. For those who are aware and for all the families, the flowers brighten their day. I started doing volunteer work at different nonprofit organizations about five or six years ago when I was becoming an empty-nester. I had more time and wanted to give back. It’s a feel-good thing. I inspired my 22-year-old daughter to volunteer with me at the hospice company, and it started her on a career with them. She has a job working with patients, and the company is putting her through nursing school. I tell my kids, You don’t always have to get paid for something. Focus on what matters to you, and the money will come around.”