Genentech, South San Francisco Child Care Center

This project will serve as a child care center for 496 children ranging in age from infants to kindergarteners.

The new 60,000sf child care center will consist of three (3) fully built-out houses, a fourth cold-shell house for future expansion, and an administrative support building with a full commercial kitchen, Kindergarten classrooms and director offices. In total, the project will serve 496 children ranging in age from infants to kindergarteners. The site design includes 100 parking spaces, with 30 designated to staff and 70 for parent/guardian drop-off. The design takes into account wind protection, solar access for on-site renewables, and building locations that support the concept that the campus is serving as a "village" of multiple buildings. Security at the child care center is of the upmost importance; full perimeter architectural metal fencing, video surveillance, strict card access requirements, and administrative security protocols have been incorporated and will be in place when complete and open for business. Net Zero Energy is a compelling goal for Genentech and the design team: "For every unit of energy the building consumes over a year, it must generate a unit of energy." Passive solar design strategies and a high performance building envelope were prioritized to reduce building loads.

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