CSU Los Angeles, Physical Sciences Buildings

The Physical Sciences Building 12 is an eight-story high-rise tower, designed in the late 1960s, with two levels of basement totaling 218,000sf. As part of the tenant improvement phase, each floor will be renovated to house new offices, conference rooms, classrooms, workrooms, business centers, laboratories, and other ancillary spaces to support the revised utilization of the building.

The scope of work for the above referenced project includes two phases of work. The seismic and building systems renewal phase will bring all structural systems up to the current and applicable codes and regulations and will upgrade Physical Sciences Building 12 to current building codes for high-rise construction, including but not limited to occupancy, fire, and life safety and accessibility. The building’s plumbing, mechanical, electrical, and telecommunication systems are included in the project scope and shall be replaced in their entirety.

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