Notes from Our Team:

Rudolph and Sletten's Irvine Office Solar Photovoltaic System:

“As a leader in sustainable construction, we find it imperative to practice our own philosophies. Our corporate office is LEED Gold Certified, our fleet is comprised of hybrid vehicles and we are requiring our managers to become LEED accredited, 191 already have. We are always looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint, and installing solar photovoltaic panels is a logical and viable option.”

Martin Sisemore
CEO and President
Rudolph and Sletten

Photovoltaic System at our LA/Orange County Office

As part of our continued commitment to sustainability, Rudolph and Sletten installed Photovoltaic Panels on the roof of our office reducing energy consumption by 25%.

The photovoltaic panels which cover the roof operate like a miniature power plant converting the sun’s rays into electric energy. The 50-kilowatt system reduces Rudolph and Sletten’s reliance on conventional electricity at the office by 25%. This installation of “green” technology will pay for itself in just over ten years.

Over the 30-year-life of the photovoltaic system, our office will reduce its carbon emissions by more than 1,594 tons, the equivalent of:

  • planting 37,067 trees,
  • removing 271 cars from the road, or
  • not taking 1,547 round trip flights between San Francisco and New York.
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