Hitachi; Global Storage Technologies

β€œIn the midst of project pressures and resource constraints, it is often easier to merely meet minimum standards; therefore, I want to thank Rudolph and Sletten for the dedication and determination that allowed us to exceed our goals.”

David Koury
Program Manager
Real Estate & Site Operations
Hitachi; Global Storage Technologies

All Accidents are Preventable.

It is our belief that all accidents are preventable. At Rudolph and Sletten, our goal is to have no injuries. Zero is the only acceptable number. Our culture is built around this idea β€” all injuries are preventable. This is a concept that all Rudolph and Sletten employees believe is attainable.

Therefore, we work hard to maintain a safe work environment for all of our employees and subcontractors through leadership, planning, procedures, training, accountability and consistent interaction.

Our safety program is actively managed through corporate and regional safety action committees established in our four regions. The committees are comprised of members for all areas the company including operations, estimating, and safety. These committees continually work to make Rudolph and Sletten a safe place to work.

Our safety successes and challenges are communicated throughout our organization weekly, monthly and yearly. Mandatory safety meeting every month keeps safety a top of mind priority.

Corporate Safety Action Committee Goals for 2009

  1. Frequency rate below 5
  2. Severity rate equal zero
  3. CPR and first aid training for all employees
  4. Skin cancer prevention
  5. Continual safety improvements

Running a safe jobsite is essential to the success of a project and in turn, our own success. A safe site means a well-organized project that stays on schedule and an environment where high quality standards can be met.

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